Retinol is a type of Vitamin A and research clearly shows that Vitamin A has numerous benefits for the skin. Simply speaking Vitamin A or Retinol normalises the function of the skin.

Vitamin A is an effective cell-communicating ingredient that has the ability to connect with many skin cell receptors and re-reprogram how they behave. This means that any cellular damage has the ability to be reversed with the use of Vitamin A.

It also has the function of an antioxidant which assists with free-radical damage. Free radical damage is basically one of the main culprits in skin ageing, they are highly unstable and reactive and can damage all living cells. Think of free radical damage as similar to the oxidative process which turns apples brown when cut.

So what does Retinol do for the skin?

  • thickens and stimulates the dermis
  • increases deposition of collagen
  • regulates sebum production
  • increases cell turnover / exfoliation
  • beneficial in the treatment of acne and acne scarring
  • increases the rate of wound healing
  • normalises the flow of blood so beneficial for the symptoms of rosacea
  • promotes a healthy cellular membrane

Sounds too good to be true?

There is an overwhelming amount of research backing up the benefits of Vitamin A in the skin, however it is also noted that Retinol and other types of Vitamin A can create sensitivity and irritation when used incorrectly.

That’s why at DermaDNA, when we were putting together our skin care range, we knew it needed to include Retinol or Vitamin A because there are just too many skin enhancing benefits, however we didn’t want the side effects. With this in mind the Retinol Recovery Crème and Retinol Balancing Masque utilize two different types of Vitamin A – Retinol and Retinyl Palmitate which is easier for the skin cells to process and used as directed alleviates skin sensitivity.

As DermaDNA contains active ingredients it is extremely important that we source the freshest ingredients, manufactured within a sterile environment.

For this reason our laboratory only produces small batches of products for each run. This ensures that our products haven’t been sitting around on shelves in warehouses and stores.

When you purchase DermaDNA products, you can guarantee the freshest, most active ingredients possible.

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