Really?? How often do we see this type of skin??

For over 20 years I’ve been asked the question – How can I achieve normal skin?

Honestly? - what’s NORMAL when we’re talking about skin??

For years we’ve been conditioned to view skin in three catagories:-




But what’s that??

Oily – during various stages in our lives our skin can produce excess oil leading to blackheads and pimples. But how often is this skin type dehydrated and scarred?

Combination – this is usually described as having an oily ‘T’ zone and dry around the sides of the face. But how often is this skin type red and sensitized?

Normal - to me this would resemble the skin of a new born baby – the perfect combination of oil and water, no pigmentation or sun damage, no breakout of any kind, and definitely no redness or sensitivity on the cheeks!


Really??  How often do we see this type of skin??


So I decided to ask people what they meant when they asked for “normal” skin, and the answers were amazing!

Basically it would appear that “normal” skin is something you can cover with make-up and look OK, i.e. Socially Acceptable” - regardless of what’s lurking underneath!

I’ve spent the last 20 years educating people that the best thing they can do for their skin is use the correct skin care and – wait for it – a chemical free sunscreen – every day!

If we can achieve “Healthy Skin”, not only will our cells last longer preventing us from premature aging, but over time, instead of causing problems, your cells will normalise creating the perfect balance!



Alison Briggs
Alison Briggs


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