Hallelujah!!! One of these ingredients is already in my skincare product!

Hello Everyone,

We have received this wonderful letter from a very happy DermaDNA customer and thought we would share with you. Many thanks Raewyn, we love it too!

Dear DermaDNA

So there I was, cruising around the STUFF website, gorging my desire to read about the latest celebrity gossip (pathetic I know!), and my eyes were suddenly drawn to a small picture o Christie Brinkley with the tagline something about the blonde bombshell being 62 and having flawless skin. OMG!! – this can’t possibly be true – she looks AMAZBALLS!

I gotta get whatever it is that she is using on her skin! I want it, I need it, I sooooo deserve beautiful skin, and besides, I’m only 54 – time is on my side. So continuing on my journey for eternal youth I click on the link. It was like going down a rabbit hole. Christie Brinkley was nowhere to be found (sad face). I did end up somewhere looking at Dr Oz’s perfectly formed face. He was exuding confidence and knowledge about the fountain of youth, the elixir to perfect wrinkle free skin.   Maybe Christie had been here before me?!

The looooong advert promised improvement in only 2 weeks! Photos were showing before and after’s – perfect. Yes, I could see the difference (where they photo shopped? – Oh I am such a cynic!)

And right there at the very bottom of the cyber page were the two magic ingredients which they claimed were making all the difference. Oh thank you thank you!!

Off to the bathroom I go with my super-strength glasses to read the labels of the DermaDNA products I am using. Arrrgh, there are too many listed ingredients with very scientific sounding names and the writing is sooo small. Plan B, I email my skincare provider and copy in the Christie Brinkley link.

Hallelujah!!! One of these ingredients is already in my skincare product! It’s the one I am supposed to use each night – and I do keep it by the bed – but hardly ever touch it. (Don’t ask) I moved it! It now has loving pride of place next to the night moisturiser and gets smeared all over my face regularly! I mean, why confine it to the eye area when the whole face can benefit??

I am now receiving lots of compliments on my skin. Last week I had a whole body mole/freckle check. The nurse also complimented my skin (while looking at it with her super strength eye glass).

Thank you DermaDNA

Thank you


Alison Briggs
Alison Briggs


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